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Friday, September 7, 2007

Internet Marketing Essentials III

3 a. How Social Networking builds up Web Traffic for you

Networking is the Buzz word in today's earth. The concept of networking is changing with the advent of Social Networking sites and all. Few oldies still like the formal group networking than the Internet Networking. They say it has got bad impacts on Corporate, while people staying within a group ponder around other social networking sites; they formalize a discussion group which might hurt the basic interests of the Organization.

The Changes had been brought by Google in the social Networking fundamental; people of this age mostly stay online, finding their interests groups and socializing within the boundary and try to give a fresh air to their mind through social Networking. Newbies think and socialize through Internet within their 24X7 kind of working life style.

Orkut is the first one, who brought this wave of networking and established in people's mind. Google took social networking again.

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Enjoy the video is all about Social Networking in English, u guys must enjoy. My Next post I want to cover more about Social Networking and how it builds the traffic to your site.


GAURAV said...

Hi Dibyenddu,

LinkedIn is like a separate world for me.As I am a Open Networker & ready to help others,I have found good friends here,who also want to help others, yes.With LinkedIn, nobody feels that he is great - there may be more people who are greater than you. Thus we become more humble. LI helped in acquiring new friends, mentors and has opened up thought processes which i used to just keep to myself. Now I find that there are a lot of like minded people out there.

I think I have more words for this topic ... but it's better to stop here.

With Regards,


Tom Field said...

I have found good job prospects here, yes.

But to me the greatest value of LinkedIn has been the ability to tap into insight from all over the world, all industries and experiences. There's no way I could avail myself of such vast human resources anywhere else in my life, and I find this expertise helps me personally and professionally each day.



Octavio Ballesta said...


I have different reasons for being active networker In Linkedin. Let’s see what these reasons are:

- Social networks like Linkedin, MySpace and Facebook are very useful tools to know new people, make friends and enhance my possibilities to know something new about persons that share use my hobbies, interests and affinities.

- Networking is an essential tool to explore and access the possibilities opened in the job marketplace. Linkedin offers me the possibility to post new job offers by taking advantage of Linkedin features like profiles detailed by professional experience and education, and recommendations made by co-workers, clients and managers.

- Developing an active networking attitude an entrepreneurship may increase his/her possibilities of finding an angel investor, or a new partner to improve the possibilities of succeed in his/her venture.

- Being active in Linkedin Answers any networker has the possibility of acquiring and sharing knowledge in any relevant area of interest. At the same time if the networker excels being useful to others by earning point of expertise (Best Answers) a solid reputation like a collaborative and knowledge networker may be built.

- In marketing the social network theory implied in Linkedin and other networks enable us to promote our product or professional service applying subtle tactics of advertising in order to avoid spam.

- In management and academia being an active networker is the shortest past to propitiate an enriched interchange among colleagues of knowledge, facts and experiences useful to solve business and societal issues.

- Many of us, me included are networking actively for fun, and we feel glad when we may useful to other people.

I hope this helps you.

Raghavendra Prasad said...


I was introduced to LinkedIn thru a search engine when i was looking for marketing a product earlier. But now, i am exploring the numerous opportunities it has opened up. I love networking with people and this has provided me with the right platform.

This helped in acquiring new friends, mentors and has opened up thought processes which i used to just keep to myself. Now I find that there are a lot of like minded people out there.

Great going and happy networking


Gordon Cameron said...

I'm new to LI but already have grown to love using it.
I tried using Facebook but didn't find it offered what I wanted (maybe it's an age thing !)
The LinkedIn community seems focussed and supportive but without all the nonsense that seems to clutter the other sites.
It's a great resource.

Jean Wilson said...

I love networking through LinkedIn. It is amazing to me that you can ask a question on any given topic and someone out there is willing and eager to spend time giving insight and input. The resources and topics are unlimited. I don't try to connect with everyone I answer a question for or receive an answer from, but there are times I feel a real connection with these complete strangers.

I don't understand the people who take time to join, but then don't bother to connect with anyone. I guess they just don't get it!

Jean Wilson

Venkata Ramana Gundamaraju said...

LinkedIn is like a separate world for me. Once in, I feel like I am in my own place with all talented people and experts in their own fields. How silly it is, all your questions are ansered. Most of the times, all your problems find solutions. I do not know, how I used to live, when I was not a member of LinkedIn. Now, it has become like a vice - no day passes unless I do 'LinkedIn".

With LinkedIn, nobody feels that he is great - there may be more people who are greater than you. Thus we become more humble.

Ofcourse, LinkedIn is quite useful either you want to hire best people or get hired.

I think I can write thousands of words ... but stop here



Ray Miller said...

I think many of us here at LI are natural networkers.
LI provides access to a wider network in an efficient and effective manner.

I think it is a great resource for committed professionals.

Messages from Ray Miller (1):

Victor Gevers said...

Same here.

My current employer found me here and since I use LI and I get very nice feedback out of the social network. Since I start to use LI more actively, the amount of invitations to new opportunities started to rise.

Bryan Marek said...

Like a trustworthy tool in a toolbox, Linked in has helped me in my current occupation as a Internet Researcher. I use it everyday and always find good information and knoledgeable people here!

Messages from Bryan Marek (1):

Joakim Nilsson said...

The Q&A section of LinkedIn is my best resource of expertise! I can only thank the people in my/our network for that!

David Humair said...

Hi Dibyendu,
As a good example, I'm communicating with you! Without linkedIn it would not be the case. This is the power of linkedin: to connect people who would never meet in another manner! But seen from a greater angle, Internet and the Web are the real powerful tools, the real network, the physical one.

Raghav Pandit said...

I would like to contribute my habitual practice and experience on LinkedIn till now.

As you are aware, LinkedIn is one of the best networking websites when it comes to communicating with people across locations. I personally feel that Reid Hoffman has done a wonderful business for all of us.

I have been using LinkedIn for almost last 1 year, where, I communicate with lots of professionals from various domains & locations. In particular, LinkedIn has worked best for me and all my team members when it comes to:

1. Networking: I assume we all know what it is and how it works on LinkedIn.

2. Hiring: As per my knowledge LinkedIn is a successful place for recruiters to find the right talent available in the marketplace and help clients to meet their hiring needs. It is also good to connect with more people through references on this site.

3. Posting jobs: For starters, I requested LinkedIn team to facilitate handful job postings on LinkedIn. These job positions have been in India as well as abroad. After posting the jobs, we have received a favourable response.

4. Interconnecting with your 3rd level connection: My team members are able to connect people in my 1st and 2nd level contacts through introductions.

5. Finding vendors and service providers: I have, in person, spoken with people who were able to assist me with solutions so that I can achieve my targets on time.

6. LinkedIn answers: The best place for me; it facilitates a lot of answers to work related queries. My past few questions have been responded with an enormous response. Example: Online e-recruitment technology, Desktop search utilities and indexing, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Recruitment consultancy roles VS Corporate HR roles and many more…

7. Personal relations: Through LinkedIn, I am able to connect with my class mates, ex-colleagues and make more people across locations who share similar interests as mine.

8. Articles and blogs on LinkedIn: On weekends, I love to invest my time in reviewing the archives by Month, by Category like: Announcements, Awards, Feature Releases, Features, LinkedIn Events, LinkedInside, Press, Tips and Tricks, Using LinkedIn, weekly roundup and many more.

Cheers!! Raghav Pandit

Stephen McPherson said...


The value of LinkedIn for me has been the discourse of thought and opinion. Clearly hearing alternative positions and ideas is a great learning experience of itself. Making valued contacts on a global basis is an even larger benefit. So much to learn, so little time.


Shannon Harvey said...

Access! Access! Access! - I have been involved in research work to develop relationships with companies all over the world. Having linkedIN alongside Google and Wikipedia I have been able to conect with the exact person I needed to with much greater success and efficiency. Answers has been incredibly helpful for making new conections that I wouldn't have imagined. Since joining linkedIN 9 months ago I have been on 3 continents to have meetings with people I have ultimatly connected with through this medium. Brilliant.

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