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Monday, September 10, 2007

Internet Marketing IV

Target the Targetted Traffic
For anyone who had watched the movie Field of Dreams, remember it? The quote Build it and they will come always echoes around their minds when we first get an online business going. So off we go learning everything we need to know about html and images etc. And before long we have our sites and/or blogs up up and running. Then comes the disappointment,I still can remember $3.07 in google adsense stick around with me for months time, the lost hope and eventually the despair! Each day and I used to check the hit counters or web stats- used to notice that the millions on the World Wide Web just haven’t been along for a visit to my site. I'm sure this disappointment only didn't happen with me alone. The sudden dawning and realization hits us that the internet is not a Field of Dreams, and no-one is coming. What follows is weeks or perhaps months of surfing from one site to the next in order to find out how to get noticed…how to get visitors to find my sites. This is known as visibility of a site. This usually leads on to excess money being spent on all sorts of promised solutions, anything from buying traffic that produces a swirl of hits appearing on the counters -but unfortunately no sales (from totally non targeted pop ups and the like) to paying out a fortune for someone to Optimize your site - or even trying to learn SEO and becoming lost in a maze of coding and slapping and bots! Eventually our new webmasters learn that it costs a good deal to generate truly targeted traffic in either time or money resources … or they quit and give up their dreams. And yet - they could have so easily found enough success and targeted traffic if they’d only know or been told where to look for them. One such place is the growing number of forums available on the net today! Orkut, MyWeblog, My Space, even LinkedIn. These are Social Networking sites, more of link building and traffic generation happens. But, not always the targeted volume building, for which $3.07 always stays on that level until we find targeted traffic. This is the Internet Marketing in a Nutshell. Forum traffic can be a very effective and FREE source of some of the most highly targeted forms of traffic available. If a web master searches out forums relevant to the subject matter of his or her website and becomes involved in these forums, it doesn’t take long before other forum users see the signature strip in their posts. (That’s the one or two lines at the bottom of each post with a link to the posters website, that most forums allow) This then leads people who value the info being posted about to follow those links to the website which, if the right forums have been posted in, would contain more valuable info on the subject. Hence these visitors would be highly targeted to that particular site and far more likely to become regular visitors and potential customers. As you can see just from this short article - there is still a vast supply of FREE highly targeted traffic to be had - if you know where to look. So for the sake of your hit counter - do start visiting forums and searching for more of them as soon as you can. You never know what may happen, and you’ll have the advantage of keeping hold of your cash for other forms of promotions. Remember, If you build it they will come - but you have to let them know where to! Even building a web forum in your site is a good idea.

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