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Friday, February 29, 2008

My Phd Application Page

Application For the PhD Program

Lists of Downloads

1. My Updated CV

2. Proposed Research Topic – E-Business offers economic chill with an effective CRM practises to any business

3. Education & Employment History

4. Previous Research Experiences

· in MBA (Systems Management)- The research topic -

Analytical Research on Customer Relationship Management (CRM)- Research Presentation

· in PGDBM (Marketing management)- Research Paper

· in Fellowship Presentation- Research Paper

· in Fellowship Dissertation- Research Dissertation

· Engineering Degree (Electronics Engineering)-

Designing & Implementation of Microprocessor based Auto Fare Meter-

Being an Engineering Graduate I’ve done the study on the behavior of Mechanical Fare Meters which used to be very

popular amongst the drivers of Yellow Cabs and three wheelers during 90’s in India. Because, in India due to the lack of

proper inspection and fare awareness, consumer rights awareness, it was very easy to tamper those mechanical gears in

the mechanical fare meters and charging more money to the consumers.It was sort of cheating.

5. Published Articles- Publication 1 –

a. Retail Industry in India and Modern Trade, ASBM e-Journal, Published in Vol1, Issue II, 31st Oct, 2009.

b. Case Study and Boardroom Discussion on Attrition and BPO, Connections Magazine, Peter DeHaan Publishing, Inc.

6. Other Blogs Publication 2-

a.Early Professional Success is only the part of the story-Human Capital Forum

b. Early Recruitment proves poor Leadership- Human Capital Forum

c. Recognition and award program- Modern Organization-Human Capital Forum

d. Resistance to Change if it comes from the top-

7. At News : a. ASBM Organized Retail & Marketing National Seminar

(This section might be irrelevant, but I thought to put this section for those who might think it helpful)

(Download Transcript)


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