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Friday, July 25, 2008

Let our poor democracy also wait….

In few of my earlier articles, I was trying to portray that India is going to be the super power in all sense. Few of my readers wrote me and told me that, I want to show the entire world only the gorgeous India, booming Indian economy not the actual miseries and struggles of our poor Indian life. Many argued and mostly are discouraged and left hoping on me and talked all negative about India and its political system and Infrastructure. Well…here I would like to say them, we all can see negatives and talk about it but there must be some light even in a dark tunnel…which might open up a fresh new world in front of us again, I’m sure we all know that darkness itself has got some light. Let us not be mourned and loose all the hopes rather, let us be hopeful and think positive in this political darkness of India, which would boost us again with all the spirits to fight against all the adverse situations. Let us talk what positives we have got out of this recent drama of Indian politics.

Recently, Indian ruling UPA Govt survived in the confidence motion in the parliament, and we mostly had seen or followed the coverage of the debate of confidence motion anxiously. The non-confidence been brought by left front which did the co-operation for last 4 years and just before the election, they lacked the right vision of leadership capability and have withdrawn themselves from the coalition just on the Nuke deal issue, whereas there was no dearth of a real political party e.g. inflation, poverty etc. Right front of this nation leaded by BJP also brought the non-confidence on this ruling party and the test is over by now. We all had seen the drama of money wading MP’s who accused the ruling Govt for the bribery, and the entire drama of the oppositions pressurizing the Prime Minister of the ruling party Dr. Manmohan Singh for the early resignation in many ways before even they can see the confidence motion. Both the oppositions had left no stone unturned including accusing the entire Govt including the misuse of power etc.

There are countless negative, the entire media got flooded with all kinds of negative comments about our false democracy, about our hypocrisies, about the chauvinism, about the greed for the dynasty, about the dictatorship emergence ended with the unfair removal of a loyal Speaker to the nation and capable person like Mr. Somnath Mukherjee from the left front party etc. I would try to reveal another perspective for my fellow country men through this article, and trying to find some light of hope within all these darkness…

Let me quote Dr. Singh from the year 1991 while he was the Finance Minister, prior going for the confidence motion like the same on the economic reforms issues when PM was Mr. Narshimha Rao. He was optimistic then also and said to the then PM

It is possible we will still collapse, but there is a chance that if we take bold measures, we may turn around. We must convert this crisis into an opportunity to build a new India, to do things which many people before us have thought and said should be done, but somehow were never done

He was never having a political background neither a common politician which we commonly see and discuss about in recent Indian politics, but when situation demanded he got converted into a great politician, which we had not seen in recent times in India. Basically a professor of Economics had immense contribution to the Indian economic reforms for which India started shining and we’re here today. He himself said many times that “Life is not free of Contradictions” and he had seen contradictions where he had no option of implementing most of the reforms in last four years e.g privatizations etc. despite of seating in the leadership role of UPA Govt due to the same Left Front and their oppositions remaining within the system including this Nuke deal.

He always thinks out of the box, the old power mongering politics never had attracted him. He had let the people to do politics around him like a true leader and kept his mind and vision straight for the nation to get the Nuke deal signed, which would give this nation and the future generation a new dimension he believed. Many of these people who had debated that day and were present in the house might not be able to see the good effects of this deal in the reality during their life time, including him. Time would only say whether this Nuke deal was good for India or not, but one thing I’m sure we’re in good hands who really think for a good change and are change agents for India and its common Indian people. That’s a positive change.

India had not seen true young, selfless leaders in recent times who’s dedicated for the nation and who thinks being neutral only for the people of the country not from the perspective of a narrow political rear view mirror. This debate revealed two young leaders in front of me per se, Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah. Most of the old and selfish so called people’s representatives in the parliament house while debating had missed the points and topics of the debate. The monotonous drama of procrastination and accusation to each other suddenly changed when Rahul Gandhi started his speech. The video is given below which is most probably one of the very powerful speech I’ve ever heard for the growth of the future India in recent times with such a strong conviction.

Rahul Gandhi on Nuke Debate 2008

We all know there’re many Kalabati’s in India whom Rahul talked about, are single mothers fighting against all the odds in the villages of rural India with small kids. Their fight for daily living is tremendous and we’re hopeful Rahul that, not only this Nuke deal, many other deals you fight against all the odds for them and make the rural India prosperous, which in-turn would make this India a true super power.

The enemies of Indian Muslims are not America or deals like these. The enemies are the same as the enemies of all those who are poor — poverty, hunger, lack of development and the absence of a voice.” said by Omar Abdullah another emerging young leader who could dare to say that, he don’t want to be the part of the Govt because of his support to the motion, but he thinks for the nation and is hopeful that this Nuke deal would make India prosperous in future. The entire speech is given in the link here, which is a must read and his conviction is to be realized with a very powerful oratory capability.

We had seen all these sparks of future hopes by the side of the selfish rotten politics and its existence is proven in India. Let us hope that the actual culprit would be found and would be prosecuted on this bribery crime in the parliament. Let us also hope a complete enquiry would happen and someday, the common people would know the actual culprit. Whether it was a set game plan to create last moment crisis in the parliament by the opposition to jeopardize the Govt and maximizing the pressure on the PM to resign? or it’s the fact, let us be hopeful that, we would know the facts someday. We all know its time to re-think about this age old constitution and its parliamentary system in India. Let us be hopeful that we would certainly see some changes in that too. "We need bipolar democracy like United States. Multiparty system has its own disadvantages."..Dr. Singh commented this long back. Let us keep our fingers crossed and be hopeful that, these young leaders could motivate and mentor more young people of India to construct the new foundation of the true developing India and could bring the necessary changes to the law and constitutions to fit the advanced need of the time. Let us be hopeful that this political stability would open up new vistas for the future road map of the growing India, where all the children of Kalabati’s don’t have to read books in oil lamps at night, and someday they get the benefit of cheap electricity produced by the N-Power. We can only hope for the best and work on it. Let our poor democracy also keep waiting and watching with us and be hopeful; about some positive changes to come…..


Maxben said...

The fact that India was able to vote in a Sikh (a minority and one that has had issues, to say the least, in India) into parliament showed to me back then that India's democracy is superior to most countries'. I like the quotes from those strong leaders that sound like they could really make a difference. At the end of the day, a strong democratic India is important to help your people reach the first world. But, it is also necessary for the world, particularly as a counter-balance to the Chinese. India has all the makings of being a superpower.

My one criticism is the quote that called for a "bipolar democracy like in the United States." Beware of that. A ridiculous multi-party system like my home country Israel, where everyone and their uncle has their own political party, is a mess. But the American system, that is not democracy. Essentially, this is because those parties have some different stands, but on many of the issues they are the same party. Barrack Obama, for example, actually voted on the revised FISA Bill that excused telecommunication companies for wiretapping, after the Democratic Party was so against it. But, regardless of what they said, actions speak louder than words and constantly their actions have betrayed the American Democrats. In American democracy, corporations and lobbyists hold sway because people don't have a choice. You are either one or the other, your voice cannot be heard if you agree with neither.

A good system to try out is a 3 or 4 party system. One (or two) to hug the center, and two to go to the right and to the left. In Canada, where I live now, we almost have that with the Liberals in the center, Conservatives to the right, and NDP to the left. Unfortunately we also have the Bloq whose politics are confusing because they hate everyone that is not like them but are left leaning.

Chris D said...

Do you still have the caste system of categorising people in India?

Deena Larsen said...

It's a good article. You might want to be more specific about India's woes, and you might want to address the caste system and democracy at some future point.

America was a good economy simply because anyone could do anything--regardless of who their parents or family were. This came about with the "all men are created equal" (which expanded after 100 years to all men of any color and then 150 years to all women...)

But democracy--the idea that everyone has a voice that should be counted--affects every level of society.

Harshwardhan Gupta said...

Sorry to be so blunt, Dibyendu, but I dia will soon become the greatest country on earth if we all talk/write 1/10th of what we do now and carry out our responsibilities 10 times more effectively. We talk too much and don't do anything. The US has been a country of doers, not talkers, and that's why they have come out on top.

Raghav said...

Raghav HR Guru wrote:

Many of my expat friends keep telling me how amazing this country has progressed in the Knowledge Industry.

One sad thing though is that they are pretty much argumentative and would always try to have things the way they wish to !


Frank Feather said...

Many years ago, I recall an insightful article in "The Economist" magazine (UK) entitled "Too Many Indias".

It spoke about all the various divisions and/or gaps in almost every aspect of India's geography and socio-economy, thus making it a very difficult place to govern.

Nevertheless, bureaucracy is rampant in India, with no initiative to change that. In turn that leads to palm greasing and corruption of all kinds. In turn, that re-enforces the bureaucracy and impedes democracy.

If India wants a better democracy -- and faster economic development -- then it had better start to eradicate bureaucracy, and that might mean firing a few million bureaucrats.

Amit Mehra said...

India is currently in the work mode of becoming a developed nation. So when you are working on a project to get it online, you mostly focus on it's weaknesses and shortcomings so that you can address them, fix the bugs so to speak and get the project working as soon as possible.

You do keep a stock of all the positives you are achieving along the way but you only gloat in the glory once the project is online.

Our motivation must come from all the good that will be brought by reaching the destination and not merely from the perks of embarking on the journey to that destination. As we all know, journey without a destination is no journey at all but merely a mirage of a journey.

I believe India is still an offline project and needs us to continuesly work on all the shortcomings singlemindedly to make this country work. It's not the question of positives or negatives but enough time has been wasted in singing premature praises and back slapping each other.

The fact is that while some Indians can access Linked in through our PDA, most of us are still grapling with basic issues like food, water, power and shelter. So, lets get some work done now. All in favour, raise your hands and say - O mama :)

Dattatreyulu Jammalamadaka said...

India as a world's biggest Democracy has progressed in its journey of 62years after independence.
On the positive side I see Schools run by Government in remote tribal hamlets, Telephones made available every nook and corner by Government owned BSNL, Huge Road and rail infrastructure developed by Government.
There is rampant corruption in bueruecracy and politicians, but over time when every child of school going age goes to school, every girl child is given equal opportunity as a male child, awareness levels about health and hygiene improves among all, Development would definitely takes place and India would be among developed countries.
If all of us do our bit without idling our time in gossip about politics, I see no reason to be discouraged or feel negative about India.

Mark van der Hoek said...

Dibyendu, you would do well to study the Founding Fathers of the U.S. and learn the profound difference between a republic and a democracy. Part of America's greatness has been that she is a republic, NOT a democracy.

Pay close attention to what they considered essential for a republic to survive and prosper, and you will find some answers to India's woes.

Ken Altreuter said...


India will be a super power but the contrasts between the educated and uneducated lower castes will take a lot of time to resolve.

Choosing the right international trading partners and role models is very important. As part of an open discussion about what would work in India, it would be effective to highlight the positives and negatives found in other countries. For example, the social legislation and relative economic success of the Danes would be productive. I think open discussions of the progress/potentials as well as the actual miseries and the struggles of the masses is a really healthy thing. Just as contrasting the development strategies/results of Russia compared to China brings the discussion to realities not polemics and puffery.

Unfortunately politicians in all countries use economic/social problems to their own parochial advantage. It is really disheartening in India, just as in the US; to see politicians try to push class warfare, populist and backward/simple answers on a gullible public.

Getting the discussion focused on a few real changes, like micro lending and equal educational opportunities are more important than, overlapping regulations, import controls and taxes(Note, I'm not suggesting that those are the most important changes but these are representative of things that make real improvements).

Given the large numbers of highly motivated and well educated people, I think wide ranging discussion of the negatives of Indian society is a good thing. Economic and social progress with such a high percentage of very poor is going to be difficult and India will experience economic reversals and it will take time. False democracy and miserable conditions are real issues but these don’t take away from the progress and potentials of India (& these same negatives can be applied to the US as well as many other developed countries). To expect consistent progress expectations on every front is to invite negative thinking when someone points out some very obvious large problems. You are doing the right thing by encouraging discussion of opposing points of view!!

Best wishes, Ken Altreuter

Hugh Richmond said...

Rustic Life

The women in this region
Mostly wear nose rings.
They are rural and lean,
As are the men.
Physical work is their lot.
Used to manual work
They carry themselves
Upright when hefting
Baskets of stones
On their heads. Their
Deportment is perfect
Because of their labours
In the fields and
In the road gangs.
Their children have ragged hair
And grubby clothes
And are often barefoot.
Unlike their counterparts
In towns. Beautifully
Dressed school children
In spotless uniforms
Trooping to english medium
Schools. Middle class
Lives removed by many
Rupees from the
Rural impoverishment
Enjoyed by the peasants
Sweating in the countryside.
Democracy has changed little
For the peasant in India.
He still shares few
Of the benefits given
To those in the towns.
This can be seen
In the animation shown
By the children
In the scraps they are given
When we have finished
Eating. They are starved
Not of food but of
Education. that which
Lifts the child into the
World of opportunity

anto said...

read the full version of manmohans speech

read 123 agreement

Rahul Gandhi said...

From my side, I know - and I do know my mother's views on this - that he (Manmohan) is the best prime ministerial candidate. He is our candidate and we are going to stick by him, like we did in the case of the nuclear deal

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