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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Case Studies Link Shared with Students

This page is intended for those who want to explore beyond their bookish knowledge and having intentions to learn more about the external world. These articles are assorted for my own interests too and shared over here for the visitors. This page would be continuously updated and you may find new articles in regular intervals. This page is Labels as “Case Studies & Articles” in the right-hand pen.

(Click in the link, which download the document automatically for you).

  1. Surviving at the age of price transparency
  2. Rural & Ethnic young consumers’ perceptions of bundled cellular telephone features.
  3. How LinkedIn could be used effectively to give a boost to your career.-Social Networking
  4. ITC Product Mix data for BCG Matrix and portfolio analysis.
  5. How Oracle helped many companies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  6. Windows for Hope for Global Retailers : 2009 A.T.Kearney Report
  7. Foreign R&D Centers in India: Is there anypositive impact?
  8. India goes Global : Accenture
  9. The world within the shop- The consumer behavior of India changing around shop
  10. The ITC Product Mix Document as a case.
  11. The E-Retailing Legalities Presentation.

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markinsonmarshal said...

I'm a graduation student.....and in my free time I like to surf net for getting new updates about various things in the world.While doing so I came across this site...all the links shared in here are very informative.Shall surely come here again in the near future.
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