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Monday, September 3, 2007

Internet Marketing in a Nutshell

This month I’ll be writing all about changes in Internet Marketing and about it’s management. Internet Industry is also changing rapidly and many Corporate are getting transformed into making money out of their corporate web sites through internet, white papers and contents. Thanks to Google Adsense. Google is also transforming the advertising Industry in Internet and very soon the Video advertisements, animated advertisements and in-linking would be available to all the publishers. Now the question is how we can enhance traffic to our sites or blogs, so that Adsense revenue shoots up like sky rocket. See the video from Google Boys One can devote and make it a life long business, here only investment is time and you get paid for your write-ups and original contents. The secret of Internet Business is returned customers and referrals. Well, to be very precise this is the nothing secret as we know, this is the essence of even a road side Grocery store. Now, we gotta understand why two grocery stores in the same locality don’t make the same profit; always there would be a difference of traffic to those two stores which makes the difference in their bottom line too. Even I’ve found people would love to stand in a queue to eat falafel from a particular vendor than the other vendor who’s also there just in another side of the road. Is it all about customer support, satisfaction or about something more? Yes, I feel it’s all about something more, like it’s a kinda habit, through which we travel to our office daily through the same road, stopping to a known 7/11 store for a coffee or filling out gas from the same gas station or following the daily routines. We’re getting down the point now, “routines”. Somehow, sub consciously we found the best road for our driving comfort with least traffic lights in that particular road, the smiling sales girl at the coffee shop and the smell of gas in the gas station with a nice lake side view. All these likings made the routines which in turn become habit and unconsciously daily we follow the same routine. Habit becomes second nature…. View my profile on SeoVice I’m sure now we’ve understood well. Your web traffic also needs to develop a habit to come and stick around to your site. Unconsciously click around different pages and links, it’s not all about good services or other stuffs, it’s all about the browsing habit the traffic develop. Let us explore in my next few posts, how we can develop and enhance the traffic to our site and slowly that becomes their habit to come daily even if I’m basically not selling anything through a blog.

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