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Monday, September 3, 2007

Internet Marketing Essentials-II

Link Building - The best link building partners to your internet business

Well, If you are running a internet business, you certainly know what links mean something to you. You need links on daily basis to ensure that your sites are performing well in the search engines. Not only that, you need links which are from pages with high page rank, from relevant sites and domains, and also on sites which are on unique IP addresses.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult task which requires lot of skills , time , energy and patience. This is Link Building process value comes in effect with time.

Link Building provides an unique link building service which is unmatched in and is needed to be maintained by an experienced link builder and SEO consultant. Link Building has to be done with more than 100 link building sites and directory services known as Organic Link Building process.

The links are usually -

  1. From PR3+ pages
  2. Pages where links are placed has less than 30 out bound links
  3. Pages are from related sites only
  4. Pages are on different IP addresses
  5. Links are permanent

Apart from these, Link Building also can be done by publishing different blogs where you can find discussions on the latest link building techniques and get exposed to the people or viewers who continuously comes in and visit your site.

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