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Monday, October 8, 2007

Site needed to be changed per SEO approach-1

A web site is needed to be optimized as per SEO needs to get higher organic traffic: Recent observations are made on studying all three search engines Google, Yahoo and Ask. It's insane from the very beginning to develop a site as per the need of SEO requirements, because site gets developed as per the need of the demand to cater services to the consumers. Most of the sites face this SEO problems, when they find after some developments that the pages are not optimized well as per the need to Search Engines. People generally start doing SEO activities once they find it's requirements in generating organic traffic. We've already discussed about targeted traffic in the Internet Marketing essentials part. Ideally the approach should be reverse and the site should be developed as pe r the need of SEO all the time. This information is provided as a benchmark of the web site’s current search effectiveness. It includes data which is available to the public online or provided by you and helps to set a baseline on which to build. Additionally, the collection of this data can also help guide site reviewers towards potential areas of concern. This section is used for data gathering and baseline optimization and is not counted in the site’s overall visibility score. Domain Name Your domain should contain one or two keywords related to the overall market in which your site competes if possible. Domain Keyword Targeting: should be done with Meta Tag writing, e.g keywords, brief descriptions and titles. We do not recommend a domain change if the site is currently indexed in any search engine or any has in-bound links. A domain change is only viable for domains which have been banned from one or more major search engines or legal action requires the change. Domain Age Older domains which have continually maintained operating web sites are given more trust by the search engines than newly registered domains. The older a domain is the more likely its pages will rank well. More than 5 years is generally considered a very trusted domain. Domains well over ten years old and should have a high level of trust with the major search engines. So it's wise to start purchasing relevant domains from now onwards to minimize the competition. All the details about domain you can get from Alexa or whois.

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